BIG DATA shouldn’t mean BIG PROBLEMS.





Large and small companies, law firms, and governments have conquered their critical litigation data issues with Proteus.


for the possibilities

Data issues are inevitable.

Proper information governance can make them survivable.

Without a comprehensive data plan, your organization is almost certainly headed for a collision. Whether it’s due to data loss or theft, the inability to locate critical information, or a failure to maintain updated digital records, the costs of being unprepared can be staggering. As ethical requirements evolve alongside technological developments, attorneys and their organizations can no longer afford the risks of navigating without a solid information governance plan in place.

You deserve an aggressive team that can master even the most complex data sets using advanced technologies, all while staying on top of the latest applicable legal rules and regulations. Experience for yourself the peace of mind that comes with every Proteus engagement.


what’s critical

e-Discovery is fun.— No one, ever.

Proteus can make it manageable.

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) includes every bit and byte—from emails to text messages, voicemails to word documents, spreadsheets to videos, unique file types to everyday images, and entire databases down to the tiniest fragments—and it’s all potentially discoverable. The eDiscovery process involves identifying, collecting, and preserving these relevant bodies of information prior to a legal proceeding. This process is often intimidating, time-consuming, and outrageously expensive for even the best-intentioned litigants.

Until now.


with precision

We’re data, driven.

Sophisticated technology meets human intelligence.

Tradition is usually wonderful, but not when it comes to document review. Often loathed, and the most time-consuming and costly part of litigation, document review entails processing, analyzing, and reviewing the body of collected ESI to determine which data is actually relevant to the proceeding.

That’s why we re-engineered the entire process.

Our founding partners consist exclusively of seasoned litigators who manage the daily activities of our 100% US-based, attorney-only review teams.



e-Discovery is as much art as science.

Producing not more, not less, but exactly what’s called for is at the heart of what we do. When you work with us, you’ll not just see objective progress being made on your project, you’ll: understand what our reviewers see in the database; find prompt, plain-English reports at your fingertips; watch us adapt our strategies and methods to the unique contour of your case; and see us work quickly, diligently, and accurately—not just with our staff—but with your organization and other vendors you may wish to bring to the process.

We’re lawyers. We get it.

Never go to excess,

but let moderation be your guide.

— Cicero

We turn data projects into success stories: