Corporate Case Study

What the Client Needed:

A highly regarded and publicly traded diversified manufacturer sought assistance from Proteus in providing a cost-effective and time-sensitive document review solution for its antitrust litigation. 

How Proteus Conquered IT

After coordinating the creation of a complex review protocol with the client’s in-house and outside counsel, Proteus quickly assembled an experienced team of 15 contract attorneys to review nearly 100,000 documents over the course of a week.  Under the leadership of the COO and project manager, Proteus trained reviewers to identify nearly 20 unique issue codes and helped the client protect its privileged documents and non-responsive, highly confidential trade secrets.  Proteus provided daily update calls, detailed statistical reports, and quality control measures to ensure in-house and outside counsel were kept abreast of critical litigation issues as they emerged.   Proteus delivered detailed privilege and decisions logs to substantiate a defensible project output.  In the end, the client’s document production was achieved on-time with substantial cost savings.